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General information

Those interested in participating in the VII INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM CEEN, should register online, at CEEN headquarters, Rua 58 n. 36 Centro Goiânia - Goiás or at the location of the event according to availability of vacancies.

Payment methods

1. Banking on demand;

2. Credit Card up to 12 x;

  • The Bank Card issued will expire 2 days after registration on the website;
  • Tickets not paid at maturity, can not be reissued via the Participant Area;
  • If the ballot remains in default for more than 5 days after expiration, the registration may be canceled, and the interested party should initiate a new registration or contact.
Registration access password

At the time of registration a password will be entered, which together with your email will be the credentials to access the Participant Area, Issue Certificates and much more.

Registration Confirmation


Your registration will be automatically confirmed after successful payment by Credit Card, or within 5 days after payment by Bank Card.

If the option is cash payment, the payment must be made within 7 business days, and the confirmation of the registration can take up to 5 (ten) days after payment.

You will receive a confirmation email and you can check the status of your subscription in the menu Subscriptions> Participant Area at any time.

Cancellation of registration

No hay devolución de las cantidades para las suscripciones canceladas.


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